To the world press:

We have seen the devasting effects of COVID-19 all around the world. From China to Spain, nowadays is having severe consequences. To begin with the death toll and the oversaturation of the health systems, either public or private, all of them collapsed in China, Italy, Germany, UK and Spain.

The emergency is so severe that currently countries with so different cultures are in lockdown: Germany, Spain, Italy, and even the USA.

While the rest of the civilized world is taking care of a pandemic, looking down their cities and taking care of their citizens. In Mexico the current President Andres Lopez, is using religious images as a protection and advising mexican citizen to use it as a protection against the coronavirus.

Something that was not seen since the dark ages. Furthermore he continues to give hugs and kisses to his followers. A total lack of disrespect to the protocols published by World Health Organization (WHO).

While in the already affected countries by the pandemic the world has seen the colapse of their health systems. In Mexico is not going to be the case not because we have a perfect one, but due to the fact that Mr. Lopez cut the budget of the entire public health system we are about to see one of the worst cases I. the world of an exponential spread of a virus.

Given the current situation, we the Mexicans citizens are on our own against a president that in previous events has publicly shown his total disregard for human life. Lopez did not care about the spread of femicide, he neglected about children with cancer leaving them whithout their chemotherapy. He is not going to do anything for the pandemic that is already taking its toll on us.

if you happen to see any kind of initiative in Mexico to stay at home it came from Mexican Society and from the companies, not from the government. So far the two biggest government companies PEMEX and CFE haven’t declared quarantine to their employees. While other private companies are already working from home.

However this is not a matter of living in an emerging economy even El Salvador, has announced a quarantine of three months, THREE MONTHS. And is even giving facilities to down their people to help them to not fall in default in their debt like morgagues just to put one example.

So is not about having a highly developed economy. Is about having common sense and respect for the human life. Mr. Lopez is not only putting at stake the life of us, mexicans. The whole is actually taking a very risky stance given the fact that an unattended pandemic may allow the virus to mutate. Something that can actually put the life of every human being on the balance. Although is unlikely, which where the odds of having a pandemic on November 2019? Something around zero and see where we are now.

I am wrote this because the consequences are going to be extremely bad. And the world needs to now the state of this now.

In the months ahead of us we will how many thousands of mexicans will die by the Coronavirus, honestly I wish to be wrong.

Yours truly,
Per Mexicum

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